Perf series

Perf Series is the strong and affordable security screen with a perforated aluminium infill and wedge fixing system. It offers you Masjestec’s renowned high quality and surpasses Australian and international Standards.

Perf Series not only provides security, air flow and clear vision, it is also high corrosion resistant that comes with a wide range of frame and perforated aluminium infill colours.

Perf series security screen

Perforated aluminium infill

Material Options:

  • 5005 Grade – 1.6mm Thickness
  • 5052 Marine Grade – 1.2mm Thickness

Aperture Size: 2mm

Open Area: 40%

Infill fixing system

MTC Wedge System

No Screw, No Rivets

3-Point lock

MTC Design For Anti-Jemmy

Key features

Perfomance and Testing

Perforated infill

Surpass Knife Shear Test

Australian Standard AS 5041

High corrosion resistance

Surpass Salt Spray Test

ASTM B 117

MTC Wedge system

Surpass Dynamic Impact Test

Australian Standard AS 5041

Powder coating

Surpass Qualicoat Standard

3-point locking system

Surpass Jemmy test

Australian Standard AS 5041

UV protection

Surpass QUV Weathering Test

ASTM D 4587, ASTM 5894


Surpass Durability Test

Australian Standard AS 4145.2

Mosquitoes protection

Surpass Mosquito Test

Chiang Mai University Test



Colour range

Standard Aluminium frame colours

Woodgrain finish

Create your own style

Infill colours – black & custom powder coating as frame colours




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