Ms.Kanchana Chiempitayanuwat

One of our customers, Ms. Kanchana Chiempitayanuwat had told us why she chose our products. “When building a house, and you know that you need to install the insect screens and grilles into a house. And you know it is a must for most of us. I believe not so many of us like the grilles,because they look ugly and become rusty easily after a while. It also makes your house look dull and uncomfortable to live in.However, I have no choice as I had no idea whether or not there will be a replacement for this kind of thing.

I have two little girls at home. So security is utmost important for us. Well, when I had a chance to go to the exhibit and looking for some sort of grilles. It was a surprise to see Majestec™ products on display. The word ‘security screen’ triggered me. I had never heard such kind of thing before. I had no idea what it was. Then I consulted a sale representative and learnt that the security screen was more like a traditional insect screen, however it was more sturdy and anti-theft. Yeah, I really like the product. It gives you a clear view, and plus it doesn’t make your house look untidy. I did some research at home later on and visited the company website and learnt more of the products. I thought I made the right decision. My house still looks nice as it was and nothing to impede my views from the outside, unlike the traditional grilles. The air isn’t blocked too. I can tell you that Majestec™ security screens are the best possible choice for me. It makes your house look awesome and secure.”