Mr. Tawsit Eeammongkolkan

Mr.Tawsit Eeammongkolkan,the owner of the construction firm,one of our customers had told us the reason why he chose and relied on our products.
Q : Why did you choose our products?
A : Our family loves to swim. So, we thought to build a standard-size pool on our deck at the house. At first we thought to enclose the pool with glass mirrors to protect the water from contamination with rain water. Then I had learnt from friends that the glass mirrors added the heat into the pool and the air was stiff. We, then thought to install the A/C. After some calculations, I didn’t think it was a good idea. However, when I had a chance to listen to the sale representative from the company, then it rang my bell.

I conceived an idea to enclose the pool with the security screens and discussed it with them.
Q: What did you feel after the installation?
A : Awesome. The air wasn’t stiff. I didn’t feel overheated, and beside, I don’t need an A/C at the pool. The product was made from quality stainless steel and it stands against the weather and rust. I learnt that Majestec™ screens are not limited to only doors and windows.They can be anything,up to your imagination.