Ms. Warunee Phromhitir Conti, an engineer at the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority of Thailand, is one of our prestigious and valued customers who have given their trust to Majestec™ Security Doors and Windows. Today she kindly retold her experience when burglars attempted to break into her house:. “It happened around 4 p.m.when my family and I went to the convenience store in the village. I thought that it would only take a little time and I didn’t want to lock all the doors and windows, so I just locked my Majestec™ Security Screens.
When we returned I saw the fence opened, I hurried in only to see that the padlock had already been cut.

I panicked and imagined that the house had been burgled. I ran in to take a look at the Majestec™ Security Screen installed in the front and saw pieces of cutter blades on the floor but the door was still locked and safety secured with only some slight shear marks on the mesh. The same thing had happened with the Majestec™ windows installed on the sides. I checked the security camera and saw that three hooded burglars using lock-cutting pliers had managed to break through the fence easily. They then tried busting open the front-door security screen to no avail. Even the cutter couldn’t make it through. They then tried the windows but the result was the same because I had installed Majestec™ Security Screens throughout the house. After a while they gave up and fled”.