Jeffrey Raymond — 26th. August 2012

I write this letter to express my sincere thanks to you and Meshtec Security Screens (M) Sd. Bhd for the wonderful job done at my new house, which I must say has been very well organized and also well fitted with your Majestec Screens.

When I first bought my new house I had signed an agreement with the developer that we could not change the fascia of the house, and that included the use of grills or any other material that would change it. Although my new house was in a gated and guarded community, I was concerned that I had no second line of security, except for the alarm supplied, and this was a worrisome issue for me, as on most days I had to air out my house, and to do this, leave windows and doors open and unattended. I also had to worry about insects such as mosquitos, and of course the usual problem of rodents and other disturbing things such as Lizards, as we had food laid out and also stored.

Luck had it I came across your product, and after a visit to your showroom, I was convinced I had found the perfect product to solve all my problems, and at the same time feel comfortable with the knowledge that I could have total security, plus protection from all the insects and rodents that I was concerned about. Also I was secured that your Meshtec Screens would not affect the fascia of my house, as it could not be seen. This was one of the many very important aspects of using your Meshtec screens.

I today live in my house with a complete feeling of security, and on most days leave many windows and doors open, to allow airflow during the day, and many windows open at nights, thereby keeping my house a lot cooler, and in a way saving on cooling bills. I sleep with the feeling of total security and can safely tell you that I have disconnected my alarm (it has 17 zones) which was a big bother, and also very difficult to manage.

I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your product to any customer, especially those with similar requirements as me, plus want the added benefit of leaving the house looking normal, unlike the many beautiful houses we see, with the usual iron grills, and flimsy mosquito and insect screens.

Last but not least, I thank you for the great after sales service you have been providing me whenever I need some adjustments done. Your concern for your customers is exemplary.